Custom Homes


Custom Homes

Bespoke homes that reflect who you are, and how you want to live.


At Dilworth, we know that every custom-built home is born from an idea that celebrates you and the way that you want to live. From a gourmet kitchen inspired by your favourite recipe to a restful retreat that rejuvenates the spirit, or an indoor/outdoor space that was built for gatherings – we specialize in weaving those ideas into a spectacular vision for life in the Okanagan. From early collaboration to the day you move in and beyond, we’re committed to crafting a home that you’ll love to live in.

Building Process

  • 1. Plan

    Initial Consultation
    Evaluate your Needs
    Select a Homesite
    Create your Plan
    Finalize your Ideas
    Create a Budget

  • 2. Organize

    Pre-Construction Meetings
    Create a Timeline
    Receive Approvals
    Apply for Permits

  • 3. Build

    Excavation / Foundation
    Framing / Roofing
    Insulation / Drywall
    Finishing Details
    Final Quality Inspections

  • 4. Finishing

    Finishing touches
    Walkthrough Orientation
    Utility Transfer

  • 5. Moving In

    Sit back and enjoy your home, your way.