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Home Warranty

With our customer-care program, you and your home are in good hands.


With quality construction and customer care at the heart of our business, it’s always been important to us that our homes are built to a higher standard.

For more than 30 years, we’ve empowered our people to address challenges, find solutions and make it right at every turn. Beyond other warranty service, we call our program customer care – and we want our clients to feel that they are in very good hands.

You can expect a visit from us at the following intervals:

  • 1 Month Follow Up

    A knowledgeable Warranty Technician will follow-up to assess your home and ensure you are happy with your home’s function and workmanship. Any questions or issues that arise will be reviewed at this time.

  • 1 Year Follow Up

    A Warranty Technician will complete a final, thorough home inspection, and will address any deficiencies, as needed

Warranty Repair Request

If there is an item in your home, which you believe is a construction or manufacturers’ defect, please complete and submit the form below. We’re here to help.

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